Aurora Borealis over Fourth Lake in Inlet NY

Whats Happening Now

Recently was honored as a life time member of the San Diego Watercolor Paint out. Had an extemporaneous video interview of me painting at the Boathouse Restaurant.  Painting and talking is not easy but it turned out great.  It was widely seen on U Tube.


Gordon Bashant is a resident of San Diego after retiring from a surgical practice in Utica NY. He began painting about 25 years ago taking watercolor classes at Munson Williams Proctor Institute in Utica. He has continued studies since moving to San Diego and has worked with various artists here and in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. He works primarily in transparent watercolor but also does some work in acrylics and mixed media. His style is expressionistic but based on realism. He distorts by both line and color to acquire the unique recognizable style.